Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance, sometimes known as condition monitoring, relies on collection and analysis of real-time data to determine the “health” of industrial equipment. Predictive maintenance software, combined with online monitoring of pumps, motors, chillers, boilers, electrical and power systems, can help anticipate outages in time to prevent them from occurring.

For example, vibration sensors mounted on pumps and motors can monitor vibration velocity, which may indicate unusual patterns emerging even before equipment failure occurs. Infrared thermography may detect excess heat from electrical, steam or process equipment, indicating potential problems.

Predictive maintenance services from Automation Now can prevent unplanned downtime, which could adversely affect your business and operations. It can also save on regularly scheduled maintenance costs, which may be unnecessary.

Automation Now brings the knowledge and expertise necessary to provide predictive diagnostic and maintenance services to all your industrial equipment. Our team of dedicated field technicians can help you plan/implement maintenance of your systems and provide troubleshooting remotely or on-site. 

We deliver customized condition monitoring and predictive maintenance solutions that reduce operating costs and maximize the safety and reliability of your systems and equipment.

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