Automation Now provides inspection and acceptance testing services to verify your new or upgraded small- to medium-voltage (up to 6,600 V and 10 MVA) industrial power generation system. Inspections by our qualified safety professionals can also help maintain the safety and reliability of substation equipment and ensure that your assets are operating at their highest level of performance.

Regular inspections using infrared cameras and ultrasonic devices, as well as advanced predictive diagnostic technologies such as continuous monitoring and testing, may catch serious problems early. Acting to correct these problems in time may reduce downtime due to failures and prevent serious incidents leading to injury or death.

Our experienced field technicians can inspect and test transformers and electrical distribution equipment, including switchgear and controls, fuses, voltage regulators, lightning arrestors, and power lines, to verify that it is correctly wired and installed.

For unattended stations, we can also inspect and verify automatic supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) remote monitoring systems, using cumulative station-operation records.

You can trust Automation Now to provide inspections and testing that ensure your power generation system is operating safely, accurately and efficiently.

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