PLC Programming & Integration

Automation Now provides customized programmable logic controller (PLC) programming and integration for your water and wastewater, mining, HVAC BAS, medical machinery, pulp & paper, and other applications. We will work to understand your needs in order to ensure that critical control systems function correctly and efficiently, allowing your project to perform at the highest level.

We are experienced in programming and troubleshooting a variety of PLC hardware from major manufacturers, including Allen-Bradley, Modicon, GE, Siemens and Schneider Electric.

We can also set up and troubleshoot most proprietary and open communication protocols, including Allen-Bradley, DeviceNet, Modicon, ISA 100 wireless, HART, Profibus and Ethernet, and we can install and troubleshoot local and distributed PLC I/O architectures.

Our expert programmers can design intuitive human-machine interface (HMI) screens that depict realistic plant views, trending and alarm data, and can log and store historical data for process optimization and regulatory compliance.

In addition to designing and implementing integrated control systems, we can perform checkout, commissioning and startup of the system, along with process optimization and PID loop tuning.

You can trust Automation Now for high-quality, accurate PLC programming and integration services. Contact us today at 1-844-343-4348 to get started on your instrumentation and design project.