Construction Services

Automation Now provides construction services for your critical electrical instrumentation and automation projects.

Whether acting as a general contractor, managing all vendors and subcontractors, or a sole source provider, Automation Now can provide:

  • Site and environmental impact studies
  • Construction planning and coordination
  • Efficient layouts for equipment, control panels, electrical conduit, hangers and junction boxes
  • Purchasing, tracking and installation of equipment and material
  • Metal fabrication
  • Electrical wiring and assembly
  • Construction management and inspection

Our experienced field team can help you save construction time and minimize use of materials, while providing you with on-time, high quality construction services that meet all local building code requirements.

Automation Now is proud to be affiliated with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Construction Council of Ontario (IBEW 402)

You can trust Automation Now with all your electrical instrumentation and construction needs.

Call us at 1-844-343-4348 to get started on your instrumentation and design project today.