As a Certified Systems Integrator for the Schneider Electric Wonderware industrial software, Automation Now can provide HMI and SCADA solutions, industrial information management, Manufacturing Enterprise Systems (MES) and Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM), to solve all your industrial automation and operation issues.

We provide SCADA configuration and programming services for the Wonderware InTouch HMI and Wonderware System Platform. We are also experienced in the Microsoft SQL-based database collection and reporting capabilities of Wonderware Historian and data visualization through Wonderware Historian Client.

Case Study: City of Thunder Bay

Automation Now worked with the local Canadian Wonderware distributor to help the City of Thunder Bay, Ontario design and build an entirely new “lake to lake” ultra-filtration water and wastewater treatment system, integrating it with existing facilities and expanding the capacity to almost double.

The InTouch HMI software allowed a broad range of PLC devices to be connected both in the new Bare Point plant and at several remote plant locations. The In Touch graphics provide a 3D visualization of water flowing through the plant and helps operators closely monitor pumps and control valves.

Meanwhile, Wonderware historian collects and securely stores realtime data for regulatory compliance, and generates reports that help the plant’s engineers and operators make better decisions. Wonderware SCADAlarm provides alarms when a process variable exceeds a set point—on screen and audibly throughout the plant locations, so that operators can respond quickly.

For more information about how Wonderware industrial software can help your facility increase capacity, improve quality and productivity, and maximize ROI, contact Automation Now at  1-844-343-4348 today.