Design & Consulting

Automation Now provides expert instrumentation design and consulting services for industrial automation systems in a wide variety of industries.

Our skilled professionals have decades of experience designing and implementing process control and instrumentation systems for applications such as utilities, mining, paper & pulp, medical machinery, and HVAC and building automation management.

We are experienced in all facets of instrumentation design, including power systems, electrical safety, analog and digital signal transmission, current loops, pneumatic and hydraulic systems, control valves, sensors, I/O devices, electric motors, PLCs and VFDs, electrical construction & installation, and commissioning & device calibration.

We understand process variables, including temperature, pressure, turbidity, pH, density, dissolved oxygen (DO), liquid level, flow, weight, etc., and can specify the optimal sensors to detect and measure these in your application. We can also specify cabling, connectors and transmitters to transmit sensor data to actuators or HMI controllers.

We are also experienced in the environmental health and safety of employees working on electrified equipment, and can perform studies to determine safe arc flash perimeters. And we can perform an energy management audit to pinpoint areas of inefficiency.

You can trust all your electrical instrumentation design needs to Automation Now. Call us today at 1-844-343-4348 for more information.