Save Money and Energy With Automated HVAC, Security and Electrical Systems

Automation Now provides customized, fully-automated HVAC systems utilizing the latest breakthroughs in digital technology and smart buildings. By pre-programming all functions using fixed schedules and precise set points, automation reduces the manpower required to operate environmental controls, while also reducing heating and cooling costs.

Save energy by automatically shutting down HVAC systems based on time of day or occupancy level. Program start times to minimize wasteful mixing of mechanically heated or cooled air. Automatically open and close damper controls for air intake and exhaust systems to reduce energy use and meet building code requirements.

Incorporating advanced building automation systems (BAS) also allows you to:

  • Integrate HVAC with power, security and lighting systems into a single, centrally operated electrical network which can be controlled on-site or remotely.
  • Safeguard buildings, equipment, and personnel with advanced video surveillance, monitoring, and alarm systems.
  • Integrate energy-saving solutions, such as “smart” lighting, which turns off when a room is vacated.

The experienced technical staff at Automation Now can help you specify, design and select products and sub-systems, as well as build and implement a full array of integrated HVAC, security, and electrical systems to your exact requirements.

We provide turnkey solutions that are pre-programmed and ready to go – without the hassle of setting them up yourself. And we provide all of these services under one roof, reducing integration and demarcation problems down the road.

Whether you are upgrading an existing physical plant or building from the ground up, call Automation Now today at 1-844-343-4348 to learn more.