Instrumentation Services

Process control instrumentation is critical to the safety, quality, reliability, and profitability of your operation.

At Automation Now, our skilled technicians are available to install, test, maintain, troubleshoot, calibrate and repair instrumentation hardware for your industrial, municipal and commercial processing facility.

We can also provide electrical instrumentation design and consulting services for all your application requirements. We offer control panel design and construction, PLC programming and integration, electrical contracting, drive & rotation equipment design and installation, and much more.

Brent Stoeckel

Automation Now was key in the development of our pilot plant as well as the construction of our first production facility. Their expertise in all things electrical and control allowed us to advance our project further and faster because we only needed to engage one group for design, supply, construction and commissioning.

Brent StoeckelPlant ManagerRenewable Densified FuelsPark Falls WI.

Increase uptime and efficiencies with predictive maintenance

Automation Now can add data acquisition, monitoring, and diagnostics into your current process, or integrate it as part of a larger network-wide system. Monitoring drives, rotating equipment, and other motorized systems allows you to predict and prevent potentially catastrophic events that could lead to expensive shutdowns and repairs.

With an accurate, real-time view of the condition of your equipment network, you may also save on maintenance and energy costs.

Automation Now is the premium choice for all your instrumentation design, installation, and maintenance needs.

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