Modernization Services

With the fast pace of technology development and increasing requirements for energy efficiency, industrial electrical systems need upgrades within surprisingly short timeframes. Automation Now delivers modernization services to reduce operating costs, improve performance and increase the reliability and safety of power and automation systems.

Our expert consultants will visit your site to evaluate problem areas, and then develop a modernization plan which treats your system as a strategic resource, one to be carefully managed for maximum competitive advantage.

With the full complement of the newest products from leading manufacturers to choose from, our experienced technicians can add the latest automation controls and device protection components, while also refurbishing and reusing older equipment within your existing infrastructure.

We provide life extension and modernization of electrical equipment, such as breakers, relays and remote power racking systems, to enhance the useful life and total performance of switchgear.

Electrical Equipment Life Extension and Modernization

  • Class 1 breaker reconditioning LV and MV
  • Solid-state LV trip unit retrofits and upgrades
  • LV air replacement breakers
  • MV vacuum replacement breakers
  • LV-VSR (breaker to motor starter replacements)
  • MV-VSR
  • Upgrade equipment front door metering and relaying
  • Horizontal main bus upgrades
  • High resistance grounding systems
  • RPR-2 remote power racking systems

With our “full cycle” project management team, Automation Now can deliver complete, cost-effective modernization services in a timely manner through a single point of contact.

For more information about our equipment modernization services, call Automation Now at 1-844-343-4348.