Arc Flash Safety

As a Systems Integrator with field services, Automation Now offers full services for your new and upgraded electrical systems, including arc flash studies and electrical hazard site analyses, required to meet industry standards and governmental regulations for electrical safety.

Arc flash is a serious hazard to workers, releasing tremendous amounts of energy as heat, pressure waves and blinding light, as well as toxic fumes and explosions. And contrary to popular myth, arc flash can occur even at low voltages.

Arc flash incidents can result in ruptured eardrums, puncture wounds, serious burns or death. Secondary physical, psychological and neurological effects can include deafness, blindness, insomnia, and flashbacks.

In addition to arc flash, short circuits or electrical explosions of any type can destroy valuable equipment, leading to business failures or loss of critical public services.

In order to prevent arc flash, new and retrofit electrical systems must adhere to national and international standards, such as NFPA 70E, which requires work permits, safety audits and worker training in electrical safety and lockout-tag out procedures. They also require arc flash studies, short circuit analyses, protective device evaluation and coordination, and protective boundary calculations for PPE ratings.

Automation Now can provide all of these services, along with grounding, power system audits, troubleshooting, arc flash reduction and retrofits, remote racking, and equipment labeling with warning stickers.

With a proven track record, Automation Now team members possess the skills and expertise required to protect employees and equipment from arc flash and other electrical hazards.

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