Electrical Design Services

Automation Now provides expert electrical design and drafting services for your automation project.  Using 2D and 3D AutoCad and design analysis software, our modeling specialists can design efficient layouts for equipment, electrical conduit, hangers and junction boxes, as well as wiring diagrams for control panels.

With our in-depth knowledge of electrical safety codes, we can provide line diagrams, isometric drawings, and construction drawings along with accurate and up-to-date records and reports to assist in project management and legal compliance with local electric and building codes, including:

  • Electrical substation design
  • Transmission and distribution systems design
  • Facilities electrical design
  • SCADA systems design
  • Electrical control panel design
  • Building alarm and communications systems design
  • Interior lighting design

Once designs have been approved, we can automatically generate a Bill of Materials in order to procure all the necessary hardware.

You can trust Automation Now to design all your electrical systems to the highest standards of efficiency, reliability and cost effectiveness.

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