Support and Technical Services

Automation Now provides dedicated support services to ensure your power, HVAC and automation systems maintain optimal functioning throughout their lifecycle and beyond. From startup and commissioning to remote monitoring, maintenance and emergency repairs, we offer a full portfolio of services to support your critical systems.

We provide an integrated maintenance approach, tailored to your specific business objectives. Our support services can help increase efficiency, reduce costs, and maximize the safety and reliability of all your industrial systems.

Through an advanced sensing and predictive maintenance program, we can even detect performance issues and provide repair services before your operation is adversely affected.

By offering all of these services under one roof, we reduce coordination and communication issues, as well as the amount of project management services required.

With support from Automation Now, you experience less unscheduled downtime, more cost-efficient systems, and greater technical and emergency assistance. We employ a full complement of control technicians, licensed master electricians, red seal instrumentation and electrical engineering technologists.

Our support services provide the maintenance, parts and services – along with experienced and personalized attention – to optimize all your equipment and systems.

Call Automation Now today at 1-844-343-4348 for more information on our full range of technical support services.