Project Management/Construction & Consulting

Automation Now provides complete project management services for your industrial automation system construction and installation, or working with a general contractor/engineering firm on larger integrated projects.

We also provide consulting services to perform technical studies, diagnose problems and make sure your project meets all applicable health and safety standards. Once your project is complete, we provide full commissioning services for new installations.

Automation Now is one of the few companies in North America who offers “full cycle” services under one roof, reducing the number of demarcation issues between providers, as well as the amount of project management and coordination required.

Our team has training and experience at every point of the system integration process, making us qualified to manage your industrial automation project and oversee the construction process.

So whether you are building from the ground up or you are upgrading and expanding your current system, with Automation Now, you can rest assured that your project will be completed on time and within budget.

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