Power Generation Design & Installation

Your industrial, municipal or heavy commercial facility requires reliable power to operate all your electrical systems. Automation Now has the skills and experience to help optimize your power generation system to meet all your business requirements while saving you money and energy.

The team at Automation Now can design and install custom small- to medium-voltage (up to 6,600 V and 10 MVA) electrical power systems that increase equipment uptime and reliability, while reducing energy use and operating costs.

Our team of electricians, technologists and trained specialists can provide you with the most cost-effective – and energy-efficient – power generation system possible.

We can design and install complete power generation solutions that help protect your valuable equipment and maintain an uninterruptible supply, keeping you in operation through the most adverse scenarios.

Automation Now can provide the following:

  • New Substation Design and Construction
  • System Analysis and Design
  • Power Monitoring and Power Management Systems

With our turnkey services, we provide a single point of accountability, assuring that your power system design and installation project takes place with fewer delays, while our experienced field techs manage your installation from start to finish.

Alternative Energy Systems

In addition to traditional power systems, Automation Now can design and install alternative generation solutions, including wind and solar, for those who wish to supplement-or completely replace-their power sources and cut down on energy bills.

We have the experience and know-how to design and build a complete alternative energy power system from the ground up. We can help you establish your power requirements and analyze data from your area to determine what solution will work best for you.

Depending on your system’s ability to return excess energy from green sources to the connected load, we can design a utility grid inter-tie system with the appropriate power factor correction.

Once your alternative power generation design is approved, we install all components including solar panels, wind generators, battery storage, and distribution (electrical outlets, etc.).

With power generation services from Automation Now, you can concentrate on your core business, confident that your power system will provide enough clean, continuous and efficient power to meet your business needs.

Get started on your power generation system today by calling Automation Now at 1-844-343-4348.