Drives & Rotation Equipment

The experts at Automation Now can specify, install, commission, troubleshoot and maintain drives and mechanical rotation equipment for your industrial automation, building HVAC or BAS system. We also perform equipment rehabilitation, upgrade and retrofit projects.

With over three decades of experience in the field, Automation Now can translate your needs into equipment specifications, design instrument control loops, and coordinate ordering, materials tracking, construction and installation.

Once installed, we can wire and program the variable frequency drives (VFDs) and motor controllers running the fans, pumps, blowers, motors, condensers, and other rotational devices in your system.

We can provide regular preventive maintenance for drives and rotation equipment, and our experienced field technicians can detect and repair refrigerant leaks and rebuild leaking service valves on air conditioners and heat pumps.

Our certified thermal imaging technicians can perform infrared inspections to detect air and energy leaks to predict equipment failures before they happen.

We can also install sensors to track and analyze vibration and other data for predictive maintenance on rotation equipment, so that it can be repaired or replaced before catastrophic failure occurs.

With Automation Now, you can expect less unscheduled downtime, more cost-efficient systems, and greater technical and emergency support.

Call 1-844-343-4348 for information on our drive and rotation equipment services.