Field Services

Automation Now is a Systems Integrator with field services, offering the highest quality products and components from some of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial control and automation systems.

With a proven track record, our Automation Now team members possess the skills and expertise required to develop individualized solutions from concept to design and from build to commissioning.

We combine component subsystems into fully integrated systems that meet our customers’ needs for optimized, sustainable and cost-effective electrical infrastructures – powering and controlling their operations now and into the future.

Our portfolio of services include:

Field Service and Advanced Analysis Offerings

  • Short-circuit analysis
  • Arc flash analysis
  • Protective device coordination
  • Load flow analysis / power factor correction study
  • Motor starting study
  • Harmonic analysis study
  • Power quality site surveys and disturbance monitoring
  • Substation and ground grid design
  • Field harmonic measurements
  • Transient stability study
  • Protection and control design
  • Advanced design and analysis
  • Distribution system design
  • Switching transient analysis
  • Distribution systems reliability analysis
  • Dynamic simulation
  • Specialized applications
  • Training

Automation Design: Advanced and Custom Applications

  • Power monitoring system (EPMS)
  • Monitoring solutions: power quality and energy management
  • Motor control center systems integration to parent system
  • Control systems / power systems automation
  • Programmable logic controller (PLC) automatic transfer schemes


OEM Equipment Services and Upgrades

  • Square D
  • General Electric
  • Allis-Chalmers/Siemens
  • Federal Pacific

Turnkey Project and Construction Management

  • Single-point responsibility throughout the entire project
  • Centralized project management group
  • Standardized documentation practices including scheduling, reporting and project closeout
  • Installation services including nationwide-subcontracting capability of all trades with on-site supervision
  • Turnkey modular solutions, hydroelectric and synchronous condenser projects

Electrical Equipment Life Extension and Modernization

  • Class 1 breaker reconditioning LV and MV
  • Solid-state LV trip unit retrofits and upgrades
  • LV air replacement breakers
  • MV vacuum replacement breakers
  • LV-VSR (breaker to motor starter replacements)
  • MV-VSR
  • Upgrade equipment front door metering and relaying
  • Horizontal main bus upgrades
  • High resistance grounding systems
  • RPR-2 remote power racking systems

For more information about our field services, call Automation Now at 1-844-343-4348 today.